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Letter From Chairman

Engineering services, that have turned out to be a universal industry today is one of the basic components of development and progress as a "sine qua non" sector beyond creation of significant positive value.

UBM, established 1950, has reached the 21 century with sound steps and still maintains its leadership in Turkish consulting sector. This is due to the belief of UBM in the fact that consulting is a industry and reflection of this belief in its strategies.
In rendering engineering consulting services to its customers, UBM applies the basic principles of industrialization, is aware of the value of knowledge and experience and keeps, classifies and protects them meticulously. Research-development, information purchase, information exchange and sharing and establishment of strategic of strategic partnership have become traditional information access mechanisms in UBM.

Honored with being the first consultant awarded with ISO 9001 certificate (1997) and first engineering company that has declared its own professional ethical principles (1999), UBM regularly informs its clients on its service commitments and professional ethical principles. Again, being the first company comprehensively and regularly applying professional liability insurance for the purpose of customer safety and satisfaction (1997) in addition to customer satisfaction and integrity management principles, is one of the milestones of studies and measures of UBM for the purpose of universalizing engineering consulting.

While placing its power and knowledge to its customers' service for control of nature, UBM constantly reckons with the role that engineers should play to achieve sustainable development. In addition to financial feasibility, it never overlooks environmental and social assessment, and always keeps in mind its social responsibility. According to this point of view, techniques like Total Quality Management Environmental Impact Assessments, Life Cycle Analysis, Social Impact Assessments, Institutional and Legal Policy Making and Development of Monitoring and Performance Indicators are not considered as individual objectives but as natural means to find rational solutions for every project.

Phd. Doğan ÖNER